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✍ Engineering Head/Technical Manager/Architect with experience in building and architecting web applications and optimizing legacy applications. 14+ years of global journey in guiding customers, to achieve growing business ecosystem solutions and solving problems. Technology Leader and Capable Learner in using the latest technology to transform systems.Technology lover and passionate about exploring futuristic ideas.

14+ Years



⛳ Specialized in Engineering Management knowledge areas such as Design, Migration, Reverse Engineering, Redesign, and Optimization.

⛳ Possess comprehensive experience in developing Web applications using frameworks such as ReactJs and Java, Spring Boot, and NodeJs.

⛳ Experienced in developing Native and Hybrid Mobile applications using Android, IOS, and React Native.

⛳ Experienced in AWS services like IoT Core, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, S3, API Gateway, Cognito, and Lambda.

⛳ Personally Maintaining three web apps developed by Java web and Spring boot, with more than 50k views per month.

⛳ Personally Designed & Published more than 15 personal Apps in Google Play Store, and they have 4.5+ ratings.


🚴Presidio, Chennai — Technical Manager

🧭 OCT 2021 - PRESENT

  • Responsible for managing and designing applications for the new requirements and successful delivery.

  • Reverse engineering technical design for the headless application which is based on Spring boot, microservices integrate with Microsoft teams sdk and.

  • Architect AWS Cloud environment for the Migration

🚴Betamonks, Chennai — Technical Manager

🧭 JAN 2014 - SEP 2021

  • Application design, discussion on latest framework usage, on technical requirements, tracking project, guiding the team on getting accustomed to new development framework for web and mobile.

  • Designed and implemented microservice architecture using Spring Boot and Java. Implemented end-to-end product analytics for an educational peer system in Spring boot, Java and React with Amazon Comprehend and Chime.

  • Architected a real-time AWS Comprehend classification for entire system data with AWS Java SDK.

  • Leveraged Server-side implementation Infrastructure as Code to achieve the cost-efficient outcome.

  • Designed a distributed data model to address the content challenges migration between formats supporting the platforms.

  • Designed and developed a database connector framework named JSON Connector and Executer tool in Java, which is a very lightweight library for connecting Java applications to the database with a JSON data format.

  • Implemented optimization and tuning capabilities in Java and React. Manage and guide multiple teams and multiple projects.

🚴Yalamanchili, Chennai Software Engineer & Team Lead

🧭 JUN 2010 - DEC 2013

  • Manage 15+ software development professionals.

  • Designed the Security Container framework in Java, which protects the integrity of layers for the web infrastructure. This container requests the client applications based on RSA and AES 256 Bit Hybrid Security Model.

  • Handled more framework-centric projects like dynamic n without server-side deployment activities.

  • Handled technical R&D activities where solutions had to be driven with Kiosk.

  • Designed and customized Kiosk web platform based on Java and Linux and with secure access to all hardware.

  • Designed a web framework named Data Organizing and IntegrationTool in Java Web, a lightweight web development framework for enterprise web applications.

🚴Wiziontech, Dindigul Founder, Solutions Development

🧭 JUN 2008 - May 2010

  • Founded for solutions development, Web and windows-based applications which help to find and analyze product sales.


🎯 More than 20 apps were published in Google Play Store; most apps have 4.5+ ratings.

🎯 Paper presented about PL/SQL Optimisation and Tuning in 2010.

🎯 Paper presented about Quick Android Development in 2018

🎯 Paper presented about Powerful tools for Android & IOS Development in 2019

🎯 Designed and Completed four frameworks, including Android, IOS, and Web.


  • Proficient leader with experience in leading over 50+member cross-functional teams and handling agile delivery for banking, healthcare and educational applications.

  • Expert in architecting Rest API, web, and mobile applications

  • Passionate involvement in converting the existing design to modern and performance-oriented architectural design. Passionate about the latest technology and loves to share knowledge with others.

  • Hires, trains, and mentors new members and project teams in the company.

  • Constantly groom technical skills by contributing to apps, websites, and blogs and reaching certifications.

⛱ Experienced Technologies

  • Languages:

    • Java, JavaScript, ReactJS, JSX

  • Mobile Technologies:

    • Android, IOS,

    • Hybrid Mobile Applications

  • Web Frameworks:

    • Spring Boot 2, Java Web, REST

  • Web Technologies:

    • ReactJS, Redux, Material UI, React Hooks, Next.Js

  • Platform:

    • Microsoft Teams

  • Cloud:

    • AWS, AWS Chime SDK, AWS Comprehend,

    • Google App Engine,

    • Azure, MS Graph API,

    • Firebase

  • Database:

    • MySQL,

    • AWS Aurora,

    • Google Cloud Store,

    • AWS Dynamodb.

Explored Technologies


Python, Kotlin, JavaScript, Dart, C, Pro*C

Mobile Technologies:

Flutter, Hybrid Apps, Framework7, IONIC, Cordova

Web Tools:

JSF, Hibernate, ASP, LINQ, Spring Boot, Spring MVC


MS-SQL, MySQL, PL/SQL(Oracle 10g), SQLite, MangoDB

Website Tools:

VueJS,JSP, XML, ReactJS, Angular, XHTML, XAML, JSON,

Cloud Tools:

Google Cloud (App Engine & Data Store)

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Notable Clients

  • 👨‍💼. FII Together, USA

  • 👨‍💼. EHE Health, USA

  • 👨‍💼 P2P Global, USA

  • 👨‍💼 Peersquare, Luxembourg

  • 👨‍💼 Fiji Government, Fiji

  • 👨‍💼 FEVO Card, Singapore

  • 👨‍💼 TowerCafe App

  • 👨‍💼 HDFC Mutual Fund

  • 👨‍💼 Nippon Paints

  • 👨‍💼 Exim, City Union & Indian Bank

Prominent Projects

  • FII Uptogether - AWS Migration with Best Practices

  • EHE VaxStatus, Reverse Engineering

  • Security Container Box - Framework

  • Mobile Framework (Android and IOS)

  • DOIT & JCONXl, Framework

  • CommService Communications, Framework

  • D-Cube, Framework

  • SUPERB Prepaid (CUB)

  • IVR Dynamic Management

  • Kiosk System Design

  • Peer Square, Educational Social Networking

Security Container Box

A Security Container protects the integrity of layers for the web infrastructure. This container accomplishes to request the client ( mobile or web ) applications. they hold core key and secret values in the session, which is based on RSA and AES 256 Bit Encryption and Decryption.

Technologies : Java Web, Android , IOS (Swift), JavaScript.

Mobile Framework (Android and IOS)

Generating dynamic user interface, operations and interacting with the server, This framework can regulate the whole user interface and data with the server-side data directions and thereby achieving modernisation or improvement in the entire screen flow and control based on server data.

Technologies : Java Web, Android , IOS (Swift).

DOIT - Data Organising and Integration Tool

This tool is a lightweight web development framework for enterprise web applications. It mainly focuses to create high performing, rapid development and high-security enterprise applications with web standards. It has the ability to perform most of the tasks based on configuration.

Technologies : Java Web, HTML and JavaScript.

JCONX - JSON Connector and Executer

A powerful library for connecting Java web application to the database with JSON data format. It has the ability to perform all tasks with the query based on configuration. Another big feature is, this library automatically manages all the history of the transactions and audit management. It supports Oracle,MySQL and MariaDB.

Technologies : Java.

CommService - Micro service for Communications

A micro-service library for handling tasks like report engendering, sending an email, sending SMS and connecting third party API. It has ability to convert the data format like XML to JSON. It performs all tasks based on configuration with only files and templates.

Technologies : Java Web, Spring Boot.

D-Cube ( Dynamic UI Web )

Generating dynamic user interface, operations and interacting with the pages, validation and data formatting, the framework can design the whole user interface and data with the help of the admin user interface. It can reformat screen flow and design based on admin user design.

Technologies : Java Web , JQuery Widgets, Oracle PL/SQL

More Projects

  • Little Drops - Apps and Website

  • Case Management -FICAC Fiji

  • KIOSK Base Platform & Connector

  • Nippon Dashboard

  • Aarthi Scans App

  • IVR Dynamic Management


📚 AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

📚 Oracle Machine Learning using Autonomous Database Certified Specialist - 1

📚 Azure Fundamentals- 4

📚 Oracle Cloud Fundamentals - 2